Alaskazalm (2012)
for ensemble

Written for the Utrechts Blazers Ensemble
First performed on June 6 2012

Program notes:
Some pieces just aren't finished when they're premiered. Branding and Syzygy were two of them. In 2010 I rewrote Branding but when the Utrecht Blazers Ensemble approached me (in 2012) that they wanted to perform it, I saw the opportunity to rewrite it once more. I took out some segments, added some new notes and redid the form. Now I feel it is more balanced (although there's still a little itch, so who knows?). The title felt outdated too so I named the new version Alaskazalm.
So what is Alaskazalm?
It is half Branding, half Syzygy and half new notes.

The original version of Branding was Commissioned by the Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat

2fl 2ob 2cl asx tsx bsx 2hrn 2trp 2trb tb pf

c. 12 minutes

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