de meerval ontraadseld (2012)
for harmonium, two violins and cello

Written for Dirk Luijmes
First performed on September 20 2012, Dirk Luijmes, Emma Breedveld, Heleen Hulst, Michael Stirling

Program notes:
After many ideas, sketches, try-outs and mostly, after throwing away a lot, I found the entrance for this piece: a 20 voiced, rhythmical canon where each repetition is a minor second higher as the previous one. Swiftly such a mass of notes will result in a thick, upwards trail, starting in the lowest registers of the harmonium and the cello and ending high in the violins. This is the blueprint for the first six minutes of de meerval ontraadseld (the catfish unravelled), and indirectly, for the whole piece. The second half of the piece, patterns from the first half are recycled by the methods of granular synthesis. Slowly the music streams upwards, sidestepping from time to time, patterns are tasted again, sometimes partly, sometimes in different compounds, details get emphasized or tucked away. This piece was written with financial support from the FPK.

harm 2vl vlc

c. 15 minutes

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