Toccatississimo & Hyperfugue (2010)
for 31 tone organ & laptop

Written for the Huygens Fokker Organ
First performed on September 12 2010

Program notes:
Toccatississimo & Hyperfugue is a diptych for player/computer and computer. The second part should be the same each time it is played (although this wasn't the case at the premiere) but the first part. Toccatississimo, is more indeterminate of nature.The musician alternates between two chords that are free but with fixed fingering. One finger stays the same, so the chords walks over the manual. But we don't get to hear all the chords, the computer controls the registers and lets the music just sip through.
The main structure of Hyperfugue is self generating series where each element is the sum of the three previous intervals. The series is recursive, it repeats after 331 elements. From this slur of notes I made a thick texture of 12 layers where each layer is one fifth tone higher. Each layers starts slightly delayed but is compressed at the same time, so it will end sooner. The proprtions are 458:457:456:455:454:453 :452:451:450:449:448:447. And from this bug slur I made a four part canon. This fat sausage of notes gets cut vertically on several spots where the registers or articulations change.

31 tone organ and laptop

c. 7 minutes

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