nieuwBlauw (2010)
for piano

Written for Marcel Worms
First performed on April 4 2010, Marcel Worms

Program notes:
To compose a piece that refers to blues learns one that there isn't one blues. Crossovers with all sorts of styles have already been made, chord progressions and licks have been turned inside out and upside down. So I went looking for the earliest blues recordings I could find and then I found the work Alan Lomax had done. His field recordings of hollers and prison songs, the so called chaing-gang songs, immediately caught my attention. Funny enough, the almost synchronous hits of axes and hammers influenced my piece as much as the sung parts in between them. Through the empty spaces that are marked by stubborn rattles in the low register, slow constructions drift by. After the premiere I felt the piece was a bit long so I worked on it some more and worked out some of the details into new pieces so now it is a piece in four parts.


c. 4 minutes

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