die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus (2010)
for two accordeons (or bayans)

Written for An Raskin and Marieke Grotenhuis
First performed on February 13 2010

Program notes:
In 1905 Max Weber wrote his essay 'Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus'. Here he suggests a relation between the protestant ethik (working hard), an ascetic life (not being allowed to enjoy the earned money) and the development of capitalism (if you can't enjoy the money, invest with it). My first scetches had hocket-like figures but not much harmonic development. At the time I was already busy with research into harmony and one technique I developed was harmonies based on canons. But this proved to be somewhat difficult to incorporate in the former scetches. But one of those scetches was a little choral and I developed this further. The choral itself isn't present anymore but the beginning is a variation on it. From this variation I distilled a melodic pattern/phrase which I used as input for the harmony technique. Because this harmony technique led to rather complex textures I found some common ground with the original work with the same title: the complexity was allowed because it is a result of the harmony, not a goal in itself. To balance the more complex parts I added more open segments and even the hocket idea turned up again.

2accordeons (or 2 bayans)

c. 6 minutes

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