portret (2006, r.2010)
for ensemble

First performed on April 1 2006

Program notes:
In Portret I made a musical portret of Rembrandt for the occasion of his 400th birthyear. But how does one translate fine arts into music? Because I direct, one-to-one translation is not possible I tried to transform several of Rembrandts painting techniques into composition techniques. The piece starts of with clear, sharp lines that slowly transform to free, rough gestures, a parallel with Rembrandts style. And just like he tried to give depth to his paintings I tried to create the illusion of depth by changing focus on different layers. These concepts do not determine the piece though, it is a fine point of departure but eventually the laws of music take over and follow their own logic. In the end a painting does not only say something about the object or person that is being portrayed, but also about the one is does the painting. So maybe this portret has become a self-portrait.

2fl, 2cl, 2sx, trp, cimb, hrp, 2gtr, 2perc, db

c. 11 minutes

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