Hammer Smashed Phase (2010)
for ensemble

Written for Ensemble Modelo62
First performed on March 13 2010, Ensemble Modelo62, Ezequiel Menalled

Program notes:
What would it have sounded like if Morton Feldman had played in the American death metal band Cannibal Corpse? Who knows, but it might have some ground in common with my piece for Modelo62, Hammer Smashed Phase (after Cannibal Corpse's big hit Hammer Smashed Face).
The piece skips back and forth between soft, diffuse textures and brutal, relentless thrashing. Binding elements are harmonies based on canons and references to several aspects that appear in metal, not really stylistically but more from a playing technique point of view.
This piece was written with financial support from the NFPK+.

fl bcl tp perc pf egtr vln vlc db

c. 18 minutes

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