Pull the Plug (2009)
for baroque orchestra

First performed on April 24 2009, KonCon Baroque Orchestra, Peter van Heygen

Program notes:
An arranged marriage between early music and new music. Different habits, different customs, a different language. What I certainly did not want to make was a piece pseudo-baroque. I happened to live a few centuries later and the music from the baroque era is further away from me than Leeuwarden from Anna. But when no love is in play, a marriage of convenience can certainly work, because deep in the notes of my piece there's a strong connection with Händels 'Nel petto sento un certo ardor'. From this passage I made a three part-reduction and of this passage a sevenfold canon, so in total 21 voices. To spice up this soup I've put Orpheus' theme through the mincer and added this. Ah, and off course the organ's lament. We keep hearing it dying again and again when we pull the plug.

4rec, 4trav, 4ob, 3bs, theorbe, hrps, organ, timp, str(

c. 7 minutes

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