eine kleine Übung in Erscheinungsformen und Zusammenhang (2007)
for violin

Written for Maartje Kraan
First performed on June 25 2007

Program notes:
Violin player Maartje Kraan asked me to write a piece for her Masters exam. For me, to write a solopiece is one of the more difficult things to compose and - because it was meant for her exams - I decided to make it a bit difficult for Maartje too. I did not want to write a nice long melody but something that I thought would better match (my idea of) her character. When I was writing sketches for the piece a group of notes kept pressing themselves on the foreground (those of the Vorspiel). Because I still did not have a clear idea of the form I decided to make a couple of variations of the Vorspiel and along the way I tried to explore the border of still being a variation. This has become parts called Zwischenspiel. Each Zwischenspiel is connected by variations of a variation of the Vorspiel. The end result is a chain of different appearances where the listener is invited to look for the (different kinds of) connections.


c. 14 minutes

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