this godless endeavour (2005)
for ensemble

Written for the Nieuw Ensemble
First performed on April 23 2005, Nieuw Ensemble, Arie van Beek

Program notes:
How to compose two opposing forces when one is static, rough and harsh like the surface of a concrete wall, while the other is organic, delicate and developing? And how to handle an off-balance form? Can I balance such a form in new ways without using the old techniques? And how to handle a subject as rhythm when music almost always has rhythm as a parameter? I was searching for several ways to focus on different interpretations of rhythm and see if I could avoid the modern-music-cliché of just writing parallel patterns of different lengths (five against seven against nine etc) or making it so complex that the details get lost in the blur

fl ob cl perc hrp mnd gtr pf vln vla vlc db

c. 10 minutes

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