the canary and the crow (2004)
for alto and soprano

First performed on April 28 2004

Program notes:
The canary pitied the crow, for it could not sing as beautiful as the canary did. The crow however thought otherwise. But your beak produces nothing but dry croaking, the canary proclaimed. But the crow objected and said it sang the truth. "And the thruth is not always melodic nor harmonious. Sometimes it is sweet, but often the truth tastes so sour or bitter. What you sing is but a lie." the crow stated. "A lie?", the canary asked. "But I sing from the heart! How can that be a lie? I express my deepest feelings, and at least my song is music. Nobody out there wants to listen to yours. So what's the point of singing it? A mere mathematical trick. You hide behind theories, and mask your emptiness with complexity." "Your song has been sung too often, and it has died long ago. It cannot please the mind anymore. You sing what you believe others wish to hear. I sing the most profound music the mind can produce! It is too complex for you, you just don't understand. Your song is an empty shell filled with nothing but cliches."
The discussion left the two with two questions which had but one answer.
canary: How can I sing and reach the mind?
crow: How can I sing and reach the heart?


c. 4 minutes

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